Complex Hip Replacement In Dubai

In some cases, the artificial hip replacement with implants is a complex process. These cases require thorough diagnosis and intensive planning for complex surgery. Dr Sabri is an experienced orthopaedic surgeon who has successfully handled complex hip reconstruction surgery in Dubai, and patients are happy with the sustainable results.

What are the common complexities in hip replacement procedures?

Complex hip replacement surgery is different from standard procedure. The presence of a range of issues in individual cases requires the surgeon to obtain a multi-level diagnosis, prepare the patient(mentally and physically) for surgery and create a complete surgery plan with minimum failure chances.

The following conditions add significant complexity to hip replacement.


Obesity is a risk factor in all surgeries. An obese person is at a risk of muscular injury, infection, and anesthetic issues in hip injury. Plus, there is a risk of implant damage due to excess compression. Dr Sabri will explain the details, risks, and aftercare of the surgery with the patient in detail in a one-to-one conversation. Still, in most cases, people opt to have a complex hip replacement surgery in Dubai because it improves mobility issues which are the biggest lifestyle hurdles for patients.

Bone deformity

Another risk is a bone deformity. Dr Sabri thoroughly diagnoses the individual case history to know whether the patient suffers congenital bone-related issues. Patients with a bone deformity such as an underdeveloped acetabulum cavity are prone to fractures, implant dislocation, or bone degeneration after surgery.

Dr Sabri recommends the complex hip replacement surgery in Dubai only after assuring the bone health has improved, and the patient can sustain optimal bone health with supplements so that surgery failure chances reduce significantly.

He also considers the following conditions for indicating a complex hip replacement

  • Muscular issues with gluteal muscles(hip muscles)
  • Skin conditions
  • Bone porosity or bone strength
  • Neurological conditions
  • Previous fractures
  • The tendency of blood loss
  • Osteolysis: that is weakening of bones around the hip
  • Avascular necrosis: A condition of mass bone tissue death due to excess blood loss

Dr Sabri is one of Dubai’s most renowned orthopaedic surgeons with extensive experience in implementing complex surgeries, including complex hip replacement in Dubai.

The procedure of Complex Hip Reconstruction/Replacement surgery in Dubai

Complex Hip Replacement In Dubai

Since the procedure is complex and involves multiple surgical challenges, the surgery must be done by an expert and experienced surgeon who plans the surgery details very well and communicates significant procedural details with the patient with ease.

Dr Sabri first obtains multiple angular scans of the hip joint to understand the hip’s anatomy and plan the complex hip replacement accordingly.

The surgery is done under the influence of general anaesthesia. First, precision incisions are made to expose the hip joint. He makes sure that gluteal muscles and nerves do not cover the exposed bone during the surgery. Then, the femoral head is separated from the acetabulum socket to reconstruct the acetabulum and femoral head.

After removal, the acetabulum socket is resurfaced. Typically, in case of bone fracture, or bone deformity in which the cup cavity is shallower, the acetabulum is reconstructed in the required shape. Then, a metal cap is punched in the acetabulum, and a plastic or metal liner is fixed on the acetabulum metal shell to conform to the femoral head.

Next, the surgeon cuts the femoral bone angularly and makes a wedge tunnel in the femur stem. Finally, the pre-planned femoral implant component is press-fit or cemented in the femoral stem.

Finally, all the implants are assembled and secured to form the new hip joint. Dr Sabri examines the mobility and stability of implant components after assembly. Once checked, the muscles, tendon, nerves, and tissues are repaired around the hip joint, and the incision is closed.

The blood loss can be more than a standard case, so he recommends medications to prevent excess blood loss. The hip may take longer to recover, and the patient will be instructed to take a special diet and supplement to help heal faster.

Aftercare of the procedure

After undergoing complex hip replacement, you must take the following aftercare to prevent future hip joint dislocation or damage to the implant.

  • Do not bend down to pick an object. Instead, use a grabber.
  • Do not perform complex motions that pressurize hip joints.
  • Do not sit in a crosslegged position.
  • Use an elevated toilet seat.
  • Place a pillow underneath your legs while sleeping(at least for six weeks)to avoid pressure on the hip joint. Do not sleep in the side position.
  • Follow the rest and aftercare instructions diligently.
  • Manage weight
Are there risks involved in complex hip replacement surgery?

Compared to the standard hip replacement, complex hip replacement involves more risks that include:

  • Infection
  • Pain
  • Blood clots in veins
  • Dislocation of implant prosthesis
  • Fracture in femur or acetabulum
  • Inflammation at hip joint

Dr Sabri may not recommend it if the risks are very high and the patient suffers bone degeneration. However, he uses advanced technology for surgery and prosthesis. He conduces procedures with the latest MISS and arthroscopic techniques and involves highly qualified surgeons to give successful results.

Why should you still consider the procedure?

Like standard hip joint replacement, complex hip replacement surgery in Dubai is a revolutionary option for patients with severe hip joint issues. It is a miraculous surgery, especially for obese, who suffer more hip motion issues than a standard case. Obesity itself adds pressure to the joint and constricts joint movement, causing excruciating pain. The complex hip replacement can be life-enhancing surgery for the needy.

Therefore, if you have a hip joint issue, consult Dr Sabri to seek a detailed diagnosis and achieve significant pain relief with complex hip replacement in Dubai.

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