Poly-Trauma Injuries Treatment Dubai

When it comes to injuries, our bodies have an incredible healing capacity. 

However, what happens when the injuries are not isolated but rather occur in multiple areas simultaneously? That’s where poly-trauma injuries come into focus. These complex and often life-altering situations pose unique challenges for both patients and healthcare providers. 

In this blog, we embark on a journey through the complex landscape of poly-trauma injuries, highlighting its causes and treatment. 

What are Poly-Trauma Injuries?

Poly-trauma injuries refer to multiple traumatic injuries, often involving more than one body system. It is an umbrella term describing all types of injuries affecting the ligaments, muscles, nerves, tendons, joints, blood vessels, or bones. 

These injuries can result from various incidents, such as sports, exercise, or accidents. Poly-trauma patients typically require comprehensive medical evaluation, management, and treatment due to the complexity and severity of their injuries.

Causes Of Poly-trauma injuries

According to our trauma surgeon in Dubai, some leading causes of trauma include:

  • Motor vehicle collision
  • Slips and falls
  • High-impact sports injury
  • Industrial accidents
  • Physically straining or improper movements

It’s important to note that the severity and type of poly-trauma injuries can vary widely depending on the circumstances of the incident. Prompt medical attention and poly-trauma injuries treatment Dubai are essential in managing these injuries and improving the chances of a successful recovery.

Poly-Trauma Injuries Treatment Dubai

Symptoms of Poly-trauma Injuries

Poly-trauma injuries can manifest a wide range of symptoms depending on the nature and severity of the injuries sustained. Some symptoms of trauma are: 




Severe pain




Inability to bear weight

Pins and needles sensations

Inability to turn or lift the injured part

It’s crucial to seek immediate consultation from a trauma doctor in Dubai if there’s a suspicion of poly-trauma injuries, as early intervention can significantly impact the patient’s outcome.

Diagnosis of Poly-trauma Injuries

To accurately diagnose a case of poly-trauma injuries and determine the most appropriate treatment, our trauma doctor in Dubai, Dr. Omar, will review your medical history and details of the accident. 

He’ll conduct a thorough physical examination to assess inflammation, range of motion, tenderness, pain, and weight-bearing ability in all affected joints and body parts. 

Dr. Omar may also order imaging tests like CT scans, X-rays, and MRI scans to determine the extent and severity of each injury precisely. 

Poly-trauma Injuries Treatment in Dubai

Non-surgical Treatment

Non-surgical poly-trauma injuries treatment Dubai includes:

  • Heat or cold treatment to relieve pain and accelerate the repair process
  • Restriction of movement of the injured parts
  • Medication such as anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics
  • Exercise and physical therapy to strengthen the injured muscles
Surgical Treatments

In cases where non-surgical methods are ineffective, a surgical approach is required to treat fractured bones and repair or reconstruct torn ligaments and tendons. Surgical methods include:

✨Open Reduction and Internal Fixation 

It is performed to treat fractured bones through an incision over the fracture. The bones are realigned and stabilised with screws, metal wires, pins, and plates. 

The incision is then closed and properly dressed, and a cast is applied to the affected bone to encourage the recovery process.


This minimally invasive surgery where a fibre-optic tube with a  light and a camera attached, called an arthroscope, is used to view injured joints.

Also, guided miniature instruments are used to remove fragments of the bone, torn ligament, or cartilage from within the joint.

✨Percutaneous Screw Fixation 

The reduction can be achieved with a closed manipulation of the affected bone using X-ray for some types of fractures. The bone can be pushed or pulled rather than incision to set the bone. 

This method can be performed with one or multiple small incisions instead of the traditional large incision, through which the implants are fixed.

✨Ligament Reconstruction 

Torn ligaments can be surgically reconstructed with sutures or replaced with a graft, another ligament, and a tendon retrieved from another part of the body.

✨Fusion Surgery

In severe injury, damaged bones are fused to heal into one single bone. This limits movement in the joint.

✨Joint Replacement Surgery 

Joint replacement involves the partial or complete reconstruction and replacement of damaged parts of any joint using artificial prosthetics. 

It is mostly recommended for severe knee, hip, and shoulder joint injuries.

Seeking Expert Poly-trauma Injuries Treatment in Dubai?

Major trauma or poly-trauma can have a significant impact on a patient’s life. It requires a holistic Team-based approach to address the physical and psychological effects of such serious injuries.

Dr. Omar Sabri, a dedicated trauma doctor in Dubai, is here to help. With his extensive experience and compassionate approach, Dr. Omar specialises in the comprehensive treatment of poly-trauma injuries.

Don’t wait—reach out to Dr. Omar Sabri today to start your journey to recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Poly-trauma injuries are assessed by our trauma doctor in Dubai through a combination of physical examinations, imaging (like X-rays and CT scans), and medical history evaluation to determine the extent and severity of the injuries.

Immediate treatment includes stabilising the patient’s condition, ensuring airway, breathing, and circulation, and controlling bleeding. This often involves surgery, if necessary.

Recovery time post poly-trauma injuries treatment, Dubai varies depending on the severity of the injuries. Some individuals may recover in the first three months, while others may require years of rehabilitation and support.

While accidents can happen, practising safety measures, such as wearing seat belts and helmets, avoiding phones while driving, and following traffic rules, can reduce the risk of sustaining poly-trauma injuries.

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