Knee Sports Injury Treatment in Dubai

During sports activities, certain body parts such as the knee, ankles, hip, and shoulder may suffer injury. Such injuries are classified as sports trauma or sports injuries.

Here are some examples to illustrate what sports injuries are:

  • Hamstrings pulled during pushups
  • Achilles heel tear or Runners’s knee during running
  • Torn ACL due to the wrong exercise moves or external impact
  • Knee dislocation due to knee twists or a fall
  • Bone Fracture due to a fast-paced ball hitting directly on a bone

The knee joint is mostly used in all exercise or sports training and is prone to various knee sports injuries. Dr Sabri specializes in knee sports injury treatment in Dubai and plans a result-oriented treatment route to recover the injury.

Diagnosis For Sports injury

For treating mild hip osteoarthritis, these are some options for hip and pelvis reconstruction

Diagnosis plays a crucial role in outlining a treatment plan. Therefore, Dr Sabri follows a thorough diagnosis process to determine the type of injury and its effect. A detailed diagnosis includes a physical test, movement test, X-rays, and MRI to obtain clear injury reports.

Sports injuries may recover in a few days or several months. The right assessment will help the surgeon plan an adept treatment, and therefore the patient may expect faster recovery.

Knee Sports Injury Treatment

Sports Injury Treatment Dubai

The treatment modality depends on the intensity of knee sports injury and some other factors such as the patient’s health, medical condition, or bone health.

Most minor knee injuries can be treated with pain medications, bracing, or the conservative RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) method. But major knee injuries may require MISS arthroscopic surgery to repair or replace parts of the knee joint. The following sports knee injuries are eligible for surgeries.

  • Knee patella fracture 

Patella or knee cap is a ball-socket structure that allows rotational movement of the femur(thighbone) and tibia(shinbone). Fracture to the knee cap directly corrupts the knee anatomy, requiring surgical intervention. Dr.Sabri will suggest arthroscopic repair or a partial or complete knee replacement procedure for restoring the joint functions.

  • Torn ACL

Anterior cruciate ligament is the longest stabilizing ligament in legs that contracts and relaxes to perform smooth leg movements. Exaggerated running, lack of warm-up, or knee overuse may tear ACL ligament, requiring action. Torn ACL is best rehabilitated with arthroscopic surgery, the latest approach to sports injury preservation. 

  • Knee dislocation 

Lateral knee movement, knee rotational exercise, or accidental thrust may dislocate the knee joint, and the patella may pop out of the knee groove. Our sports medicine doctor, Dr Sabri will diagnose the knee joint with MRI and do a repair surgery if the ligament or meniscus has been damaged. However, if the dislocation is not significant, it can be corrected with a brace.

  • Knee Meniscus or Tendon Tear 

Often knee cap injury involves meniscus, ligament, or tendon damage. The meniscus is “C-shaped”, rubbery cartilage which acts as shock absorbers and tendons connect muscle to bone. They bind the knee cap firmly in place, and the knee’s overuse, dislocation, or fracture often damages them. Dr Sabri does MISS arthroscopic surgery to repair the tear and restore the knee’s mobility.

Arthroscopic Surgery: The modern minimally invasive surgical knee preservation approach

Sports Knee Injury TreatmentArthroscopy is a minimally-invasive surgical approach that involves a small camera inserted through a ” keyhole” incision to view internal aspects of the operation site on a computer screen. Arthroscopy is used for several joint surgeries and is majorly used for sports injury treatment in Dubai.

Dr. Sabri, sports injury doctor in Dubai profusely uses arthroscopic surgeries for knee sports injury treatment in Dubai

Whether you are an athlete, a weekend warrior, or an active person, he has a range of treatments to treat a sports injury, followed by a comprehensive knee rehabilitation program. 

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